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Fractal Feelings is Antimaterium’s first official album.
It’s creation followed a long and unique journey. 
Inspired by good friends his tracks bring you in a clear and positive state.
A total of nine tracks and one additional Bonustrack for the Dancefloor, as well for home listening.
One can clearly hear the heart and emotion embodying the sound.

For this album the artist utilized Microbrute, Preenfm2, Mute Synths II, Patchblocks, TB-3, an A 100 Modular Rack, Nature sounds, custom build sound generators and many more tools.

We are very happy to present you a unique experience.
Enjoy yet another fine release by Gene 9 Records.

(Album is mainly in A-432 Hz)

The Face Within by SamwiseR from Portugal. Out now.

Portal 90 by Solar Eagle out 19.11.


Portal 90 is Solar Eagle's first release, its a journey between two minds that by synchronicity joined forces to create a powerful message. I'll take you into a journey where big solid basslines, intricate evolving fxs & leads will grab your mind's attention into an hypnotic state of trance to be transformed into pure bliss. Tune in, the portal is open.

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